Shazad Welcomes SAC’s Decision of Holding Block Council Elections

Rahi kapoor, Dr Shazad Malik, known educationist hailing from border district Poonch today welcomed the State Administrative Council’s decision of holding of elections for constitution of Block Development Council in the state ( 2nd Tier PRIs).
In a statement, Dr Shazad appreciated the decision taken by Governor Satya Pal headed SAC to hold these block level elections under Jammu and Kashmir Panchayti Raj Act. He said these elections will strengthen the grass root level democratic institutions in the state which would further help the government to usher a new era of development and it would also be helpful in curtailing the burdens of MLAs, MLCs and even of MPs as these block level elected chairperson shall be empowered to take care of developmental activities in their blocks.

Highlighting the importance of these election, he said Decenterlization of power is the core of any democracy therefore in a long run these elections would strengthen the faith of people in our democratic process. Dr Shazad also urged the governor to enhance the monthly honorarium of elected panchayat members as majority of them come from very humble economical background.

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