New busstand rajouri has become the dumping point at the entrance of the town.

Ankit Kesar

April 21

Munciple committe rajouri has utterly failed in impriving the sanitation and higenic state of the town. Despite MC rajouri has made the new bus stand rajouri as the dumping point of un healthy garbage which is a matter of great concern.

Pertinent to mention that new bus stand rajouri is situated at the entrance point of the town near salani bridge thus shattring the first image of the town as un healthy and unhigenic. Earlier it is resolved by the administration that the garbage of the town will be dumped near a selected point at sunderbani but the M.C rajouri is creating confusion and is making the town prone to diseases by making un healthy conditions.

There was a great hope among the general mases of the town after M.C elections and after the Constitution of new committee but the hope of the people has turned into dispair as M.C rajouri has a nothing in improving the sanitation, higenic and healthy conditions of the town.

As prime minister of India has launched the swatch bharat abhiyan but the local leaders are only showing their swachta concern in front of camera’s of the media organization thus shattering the dreams of the prime minister too.

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