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In the far flung area of district Poonch, the people of sub-division Mendhar are facing water scarcity problem since a long time due to sheer negligence of local authorities who are not willing to listen to their problems” expressed the local residents. They slammed vitriolically the present government, district administration and P.H.E department for their bigotry, deceitful and hyped promises to restore and implement different projects sanctioned under NABARD & other schemes for addressing important problems like water scarcity in this region. They reiterated that “Despite our hue & cry, none of the authorities have payed heed to our legitimate demands”. They only deliver promises which are baseless and unaccountable. We don’t blame the whole system but disinterest of some corrupt officers have derailed and jeopardized the working ethos and aspirations of people, said the local residents.

Despite knowing the fact, that we are passing through holy month of “Ramadan”, it looks surprising that no necessary arrangements were made in advance have been taken to provide adequate supply of water”, the people slammed on concerned authorities. They also quoted that “if we look backwards towards history, many great empires have fallen, not due to external forces but by internal forces maligned with layers of corruption”. Pointing towards some corrupt officers, they reminded of the significance of Ramadan which is “alleviating suffering of others, resist wrongful desires, purification of soul, attain righteousness and giving up utter falsehood”.

“We pay our since thanks and deep gratitude to Honourable Ex-MLA, Javed Ahmed Rana who has always remained on forefront and stood like a pillar to fight for our problems. “Under his strong and dynamic leadership our unheard voices have always remained in limelight and we salute him for being there whenever needed” they expressed further. “The proof of his contribution is contribution of three water tankers from his CDF which amounts to about 40 lakhs and installation of more than 500 water pumps”, they apprised. Quoting him as “Maseeha”, they said “Had he not been there, we would have died of thirst”. This is a drought hit area, they briefed. To our dismay, the water tankers are “charging money for fuel consumed and some goons are have forcefully taken installed handpumps under their custody”. Irrespective of our previous complaints, the “authorities are mum over the issue”. There is no accountability of how many handpumps are in working order. The sub-division Mendhar has two more tehsils under its jurisdiction namely Mankote and Balakote where people are also suffering because of water shortage. The dilapidated condition of roads has further escalated the problem for people to fetch water from distant sources. Had authorities initiated timely action and stopped their tyranny, the unbridled miseries unleashed on public would have declined”.

We appeal to Honorable Governor and other authorities to amend their imprudent policies to mitigate the disenchantment among people. It is our kind request if “a responsible screening committee be chalked-out to take notice of all the issues raised above and necessary action be taken to stop exploitation of poor people in this region”. The concerned authorities should also be directed to deploy the water tankers in these three tehsils at regular intervals, which is not happening so far”, reported the locals. Being a “Hinterland”, even the Jammu and Kashmir government has shown less interest and the brunt of their deceitful politics has maimed our expectations. The situation is very alarming and if necessary steps are not taken, it will not be needless to say that life here will be jeopardized and we will forced to launch protests in this holy month of Ramadan”, the people asserted. “The government should also not forget that this region is very close to LoC where life is always at stake”, stressed the people. The Taking a jibe on the Modi government the locals also quoted “Sabka Saath And Sabka Vikaas and digital India has turned out to be a damp squid ”.

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