Cover All Border Residents under Ayushman Bharat Scheme; Dr Shazad Shazad Demands Blanket Cover for Border Population Under  ‘Ayushman’  Health Scheme

Rahi Kapoor

Jammu, 16/05/2019: Seeking blanket Cover of Ayushman Bharat Scheme for all border residents including those living near LoC, Line of Control and Line of Actual Control LAC, Dr Shazad Malik, former Vice Chancellor of Sai Nath University and renowned academician a native of border town Mendhar has urged the union health ministry and state administration to organize exclusive Ayushman Bharat Beneficary Registration Camps in border areas so that poor people of these areas be provided free health facilities.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the restricted number of individuals and families covered under Ayushman Bharat scheme in border town Mendhar, Shazad said this is scheme run by government of India for the welfare of under privileged people of the society but unfortunately the local politicians using it as a political commodity and depriving the most deserving people of the border areas.

Shazad said there are several poor people in the border areas who become victims of land mining blasts and unprovoked shelling from across the border and in absence of the resources many of them do not get any medical aid and thus remain physically handicap for life, he said it would be of immense help to poor border residents if their families are covered under this flagship scheme of the union government.

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