Terrorist Hideout busted

Ankit kesar: Today a joint operations Army /SOG ktr launched a search operation in forest Panthna Keshwan. During search operation busted hideout of militants and recoverd following items from the hideout.
1.sleeping bag . 1 no
2.Wooden bed. 1no.
3.Steel boxes . 4no
4.Gas cylinder. 1no
5.gas chulla. 1no
6.Magi packets. 40no.
7.Real Juice. 18 no. VIP
8.wrist watch.1n0.
9.Magzine AK 47 3no Empty.
10.Blankents (3 no). These items were recovered at panthna keshwan about
1/2km away from the House of Jammal Din .Active Militant.

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