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Welcoming the landmark judgement of Kathua Rape case in Pathankot special court on 10th July 2019, Mr Javed Ahmed Rana, Central Secretary JKNC, former Deputy Chairman Legislative Council and former MLA “saluted the Indian System of Judiciary, Crime Branch and J & K Police for their fair investigation and jointly putting enormous efforts for collecting the evidences which made the judiciary process smooth, tangible and transparent”. He also added a remark saying that “despite immense pressure from sectarian undercurrents this case has reinstated the fact that Justice can be delayed but not denied”.

“Recapitulating the horrific incident at Rasana village in Kathua district, when an 8-year-old girl was abducted, drugged, repeatedly raped and strangled to death and bludgeoned” Mr Rana said that “such incidents have questioned the safety of minors in our state which was considered as a safe heaven”. “It was very agonizing to find that some anti-social elements tried to take advantage of the situation for their vested interests, instead of condemning such heinous crime”, Mr Rana stressed. “It was very surprising that one of the partner of then then coalition government was feeble in reacting to this shameful incident and ironically, two BJP ministers supported the protests led by Hindu Ekta Manch”, Mr Rana alleged. “It is a big slap on their face and a lesson for culprits who think judiciary is in their pocket and anything is possible”, he added further. “Such notorious elements are bane to the secular integrity of state whose main goal is to create unrest on the basis of cast, creed, religion and populism”, Mr Rana alleged.
“It should be remembered that rape is a shameful, humiliating and painful experience which not only affects the victim but also causes sufferings to the other family members which go through years of emotional trauma, depression and nightmares”, Mr Rana asserted. “I feel very disheartened to find that the victim in this case was not only raped but strangled to death as manifestation of racial, ethnic, and class hatred”, Mr Rana expressed. “This barbarian act only speaks about lust and power / control over someone weaker than themselves”, Mr Rana added further. “Pertinent to mention here that the victim here belonged to a minority nomadic community who were quite often terrorized, demoralized, haunted and humiliated by the culprits in order to gain control of the area with particular focus on ethnic cleansing”, Mr Rana blamed. “Rape and other forms of sexual assault can constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity or a constitutive act with respect to genocide with inevitable negative physical and psychological consequences”, Mr Rana cautioned.
“Though the special court of Pathankot has given its verdict by awarding life imprisonment to three main convicts and five-year rigorous imprisonment plus a fine of Rs 50,000 each to the remaining three people who tried to destroy evidence, the questions remains whether can we avoid such incidents against minorities in future and did the parents of victim got real justice”, Mr Rana said lamently. “I am sure the victim’s parents would have expected death penalty for the accused and in fact awarding death penalty allows for retributive justice for the victims”, Mr rana expressed. In concerned way, Mr Rana said that “the culprits of this crime have not only defamed but also ashamed our country as evidenced by mass protests at National & internation level (except for one party)”. “Keeping in view the prevailing circumstances, government should frame new laws to make judicial system more efficient to set stronger penalties for convicted rapists and preference should be given to fast-track courts for faster trials, and comprehensive measures should be devised to deal with such situations”, Mr Rana advised.

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