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Jammu: 14 Jun 2019.

Indian Army organised awareness lectures on the occasion of “World Blood Donor Day” at Universal Higher Secondary School, Daraba, Kalaban, Thanamandi, Sethna, Government Middle School, Relan and Palma in Poonch and Rajouri districts. The aim of these lectures was to educate the young generation about the importance of Blood Donation as also to break certain myths that create inhibitions in the people.

The lectures were delivered by Army doctors who emphasised that Blood donation is a noble service to humanity as it helps someone in critical hours of medical emergency and also improves own health and immune system. The audience was informed that blood has a time bound cycle beyond which it cannot be stored. Thus collection of fresh blood in blood banks is a recurring requirement and hence demand regular blood donations.

The audience appreciated the efforts of the Army in organ sing such activities that generates awareness and a feeling of goodwill amongst the civil population, especially the youth.

Lt Col Devender Anand
PRO (Defence)
0191 – 25789635
PRO/Jammu/ 533/Jun/2019

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