Ankit Kesar
Jammu: 28 Jun 2019.

As part of Skill Development initiative for women, Indian Army conducted “Light Vehicle Driving Course” for local women of Keri and adjoining villages at Youth Centre, Keri in Rajouri District from 15 May to 21 June 2019. Ten women from remote villages of Keri, Doongi, Shapur, Kallar, Sasalkote and Thothali area participated in this training progamme. The course was conducted to provide these ladies with an additional skill which help them become financially and socially independent. Participants were also provided with learner’s driving license after completion of the course. Closing ceremony of the course was conducted at Youth Centre, Keri on 28 Jun 19.

The participants were also made aware of various women centric – Government Welfare Schemes during informal interactions within the course. The initiative will not only train the women in driving skills but also boost their confidence level, which eventually will help them in facing the modern world.

Army has been conducting a series of Skill Development Courses in collaboration with reputed institutes which will result in enhancing the employment generation for the youth and getting them respectable job. Such initiatives by the Army has helped in ushering an environment of peace, stability and prosperity in the State. The efforts of the Indian Army was greatly appreciated by local populace and the participants

Lt Col Devender Anand
PRO (Defence)
0191 – 25789635
PRO/Jammu/ 605/Jun/2019

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