Jammu & Kashmir Awami Forum welcomes Amarnath Yatris at Pahalgam Base Camp

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Jammu/ Srinagar July7, 2019…. J&K Awami Forum welcomed and received today all the Yatris at Base camp Pahalgam, here in Kashmir Valley. It was organised and led by Farooq Ahmed, Chairman JKAF on behalf of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji( founder Art of Living organisation )along with Party workers, Well wishers, brethren & Supporters from Majority & Minority Communities of Kashmir.

Farooq Ahmed, Chairman JKAF on behalf of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, here at this special & precious Solemn occasion prayed for all Yatris and Appreciated Administration, Local Majority and Minority communities, and for those actively involved including from amongst them in Organising th e Amarnath Yatra & serving the Yatris relentlessly and those who wish to serve them but for security and other reasons cannot come to serve them actively, in the following terms. He hoped all to say Ameen to said prayer:

“Yasihaghoram, yadihakruram, YadihaPapum. TakchintamtakchivamSarvam Eva Samastu Nah”
(Vedic meaning: “Whatever herein is heinous, cruel & sinful, May all that be stilled, may everything be good and peaceful to us”)
All organizers offered the yatris all assistance required on spot and enroute , walked a kilometre along with themand served them food at specially organised langer also.
May it be recalled that this shrine of Shri Shiv jee Maharaj was initially discovered by the members of the majority community of Kashmir, who handed it over to the minority community of Kashmir and since then all its affairs were protected, managed, regulated by these communities in collaboration with each other and there has been no occasion ever of any conflict over it. It is also a fact that even during the present turmoil from lastmore than three decades there has been no untoward incident of any nature.The Kashmir culture has a remarkable praise worthy difference from the rest of the culture of the country that is it has always stood by its times immemorial slogan without fail. The slogan, “Hindu Muslim Sikh itehad” is inseparable sprite of Kashmir Culture. The slogan was alive in Kashmir when rest of India during partition was burning under the communal tension/conflict and besides that the slogan is also part of the record of the UN Assembly during the session, 1948. He elaborated furtherIt is pertinent to remember here that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, was impressed by this nature of Kashmir culture. He felt for Kashmiris and Kashmiryat and has been attending to the miseries of the Kashmiri people, irrespective of their religious belief. People of Kashmir have equally reciprocated/responded, with love and affection, which became the basic foundation of J&K Awami Forum under the inspiration and patronage of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji . J & K Awami Forum Thus as a party is aimed to serve the people of Jammu and Kashmir, irrespective of their religious belief and to attend to their miseries and to stand by them in all circumstances. Together we rub shoulders to lessen the burden and take the state to the stage of peace, prosperity in accordance with the wishes of its people and restore to it what it has lost to conclude .

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