Surankot police harassed cash van employees unnecessarily

Police inspector threatened employees to register a case against them


POONCH: On one hand today, the whole of India is facing the corona virus epidemic, in the meantime, if the police are helping people by risking their lives in this emergency, if the police unnecessarily harass them, then every question is bound to stand.

An embarrassing case has been reported from Tahsil Surankote police station in Poonch district in which the police unnecessarily harassed ATM cash van employees for four hours. According to the information, the ATM cash van from Poonch was going to visit the entire district and put cash in various ATMs, meanwhile, when they came out from the police checkpoint in the Bufalayaz area falling under Surankot police station, the cash van was stopped at the Policepost. When asked for the reason, then the officer said that when the inspector arrived at the checkpoint, he was told that the police station drivers asked the reason why they had to walk. Everything started that SI abused so.

Four employees in the cash van alleged that the police were unnecessarily harassed for four hours. They told that we asked why we have been brought here, so no one was willing to talk, so we reached the SHO there, which we told that there is a lot of money in crores of cash vans, our duty is The month of Ramadan has started, people need cash and they are requested to join hands and let us go. In this case, SHO Surankot started mutilating all the employees and started threatening them. I will file a case against you, one employee asked, Sir, tell me what is wrong, the SHO said that you have thrown a splash of mud on the sub-inspector. The employee said, “Sir, there is no such thing, deliberately, I did not throw, if this is the case, we are sorry, we know that people are waiting. We put cash in the ATM.” Is nee. SHO Surankote said that the employee will get an apology only if your driver turns to him in the same mess.

Many times the cash incharge did not believe the SHO and other policemen with folded hands and asked the police in-charge, then the cash in-charge contacted District Development Commissioner Poonch Rahul Yadav, who gave full information that we were harassed by the police unnecessarily for four hours. DC said gave them 2 minutes, you wait, DC Poonch, we were rescued from there, after which we left the cash van from there, so people waited different ATMs Mendhar and Other Areas.

At the same time, the people of Mendhar sub division raged against Surankot police and said that what is the situation at this time, the police are unnecessarily harassing them. Our month of Ramadan has started. We needed mony and waited for many hours. Cash was not found, the main reason for which is Surankot police. People have demanded from IGP Jammu, this behavior of Surankot police is not tolerated in this emergency, it is strict Be taken and SHO asked him why a criminal case stop placed cache prevent unnecessary cache.

People have raised questions on the police that on one hand the police claim that we are helping Peoples but a few policemen are unnecessarily harassing people during this time of disgrace which is a matter of concern.

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