Kashmir not India’s part, Pakistan declares at UN during verbal clash with India

Pakistan hit back at India at the UN after New Delhi’s representative claimed Jammu and Kashmir as India’s “integral part” and alleged that Islamabad promoted terrorism, with the Pakistani delegate asserting that the Himalayan state is an internationally-recognized disputed territory.

“In Jammu and Kashmir, India has no other claim than that of a military occupier,” Zulqarnain Chheena, the Pakistani delegate, told the General Assembly on Friday night while rejecting Indian claims.

“India is compelled to use naked force to impose its occupation on an unwilling and oppressed people,” he added.

The Pakistani delegate was reacting to the Indian representative, Mijito Vinito, who, while exercising his right of reply to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech, said that the Pakistani leader interfered in the internal affairs of India by raising the Kashmir dispute at the UN.

In his statement to the 193-member Assembly, Imran Khan shed a spotlight on Prime Minister Naredra Modi’s India, which he said is defined by its oppressive and brutal Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir; the egregious human rights violations of the Kashmiri people; the deliberate promotion of the supremacist Hindutva ideology to suppress and marginalize its minority communities including millions of Muslims; the expansionist Indian designs against Pakistan and its other neighbours; and the avowed aim of New Delhi to act as a regional bully.

As regards India’s attempt to link Pakistan with terrorism, Zulqarnain Chheena, a first secretary at the Pakistan Mission to the UN, said that the fact is that India was “mothership” of terrorism and used it against each of its neighbours, its own people and against the Kashmiris.

India’s accusations were a “shameful” attempt to deflect attention from the real issues, he said, adding that it will not escape accountability for its crimes.

As India’s descent into a fascist State accelerates, the Pakistani delegate said the projections made by the Pakistani prime minister last year regarding an imminent disaster fuelled by RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) policies are being confirmed. He highlighted the example of “Shaheen Bagh”, the Muslim majority area of New Delhi, where protesters took to the streets in February against discriminatory laws. Countless Muslims were killed, their homes burned and their property looted, all with the complicity of the Indian State.“The charred streets of Delhi not only exposed the Hindutva ideology in all its ‘intolerant glory’; they also manifested the trusted method that the Hindu extremists have resorted to – from Gujarat in 2002 to Delhi in 2020, to address the ‘Muslim menace’…”, the Pakistani delegate said.

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