Poor road conditions in Nowshera, residents demand repairs

Just one week of rains and the roads near Nowshera Bus Stand already have potholes in them. The residents of Nowshera complained about the poor road conditions and the bumpy rides experienced by them.

“The condition of the road is pathetic. The road comes under 56 RCC. All the water from the nearby family quarters and Hospital gets clogged on this road. Uneven road surfaces can cause accidents. We’ve written to the DC Rajouri number of times but he gave no response. I request him to personally visit this place once.” said ward no. 13 Councellor

“The democracy has been brought to the ground level. BDC and DDC members travel through this road atleast 10 times a day. Why don’t they raise this issue? Administration asks votes for development but we haven’t seen any yet.” He added

Chamanlal Sambyal, Counsellor of the Nowshera Committee said that the city is still in the 1947 stage. He said that even after 74 years of Independence, the city is experiencing broken roads.

“It’s been years since Independence but our Nowshera city is still like 1947. No development and no official attention. Even villages these days have better facilities than our place. In short, Government’s money is being wasted.” He said

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