JK Transporters Calls for Bandh Tomorrow, Warns Govt of Indefinite Strike

Increasing the fitness of commercial vehicles plying in Jammu and Kashmir from twenty years to twenty-five years, renewal of fitness of vehicles, withdrawal of orders for installation of vehicle tracking devices in vehicles, waiving token tax and passenger tax, JKRTC said.

The transporters, who were going to a one-day flywheel jam on Wednesday, demonstrated on Tuesday, demanding to operate the buses on time and issue valid driving licenses to 27 thousand of auto drivers of the state. Transporters, who were protesting under the banner of All J&K Transport Welfare Association at the warehouse, warned the government that they would cause an indefinite Chakka Jam in the state if their demands were not met.

Vijay Chib, president of the Minibus Union, who is leading the protest, said that the transport industry in Jammu and Kashmir is already in bad shape. Since 2014, their work has been running at a loss. The government never thought about their welfare, but they have broken their back by issuing orders one after the other on the transporters. He said that the floods in 2014 and Corona had put him on the verge of poverty.

Those people are not able to come out of the deficit. But the government does not care about it. Chib said they are now compelled to take to the streets because the government has woken up every time they have come on the roads. Therefore, all commercial vehicles will remain closed from Lakhanpur to Uri in the state. He warned the government that if their demands were not met, their bandh could continue till the government slept.

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