Jammu admin asks landlords to disclose details of tenants

The Jammu district administration has directed the landlords to disclosure the details of all the tenants to prevent any untoward incident.

As per the order issued by the District Magistrate said that the Senior Superintendent of Police, Jammu has brought to the notice time and again that there is an imminent need to conduct verification of tenants and domestic helpers as there have been instances of anti-national, anti-social elements seeking hideouts in the residential areas in the guise of tenants and domestic helpers.

“It is necessary that some measures be taken to make the landlords and property owners accountable before renting out and making available their premises to tenants and domestic helps,” it said.

The district magistrate however, considering that the threat posed by such adverse elements as imminent danger to human safety, warrants immediate preventive measures under Section 144 of CrPC.

All owners shall within ten days of letting, subletting, renting out his/her/their house or part thereof to any tenant(s), submit without fail the detailed particulars of the tenant (s) as per the Declaration Form to be signed by both the owner and the tenant(s), to the concerned Police Station, either in person or by registered post addressed to the concerned Station House Officer (SHO), it read.

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